We Get Results

We Get Results

"Training at RockFit got me in the best shape of my life before I shipped out to boot camp; whether I could spare a couple hours or 15 minutes, I always left feeling like I got a great workout." 

Zach Nelson

“I’ve been training at RockFit 1 hour per week since March 2011. 7 months later I’ve lost 33 pounds and am feeling much better and more confident than I have in 15-20 years! If you are looking for a small, friendly gym and excellent, reliable trainers who keep each week's workouts fresh, fun and innovative, look no further - RockFit is for you!" 

Terri Vandevegte

"I have been working with my personal trainer at RockFit for 6 weeks and the results are awesome! He helped me focus on doing all the right things to improve my health and well-being. He encourages me to eat healthy, designs workouts to improve my core strength, and creates challenging cardio and strength training sets. Today I am 20 pounds trimmer and 2 sizes smaller - can't wait to see the results in the next 6 weeks."

Lorraine P. Schnelle